Credit life

This covers death by accident or natural causes and total permanent disability arising from an accident or sickness resulting in the borrower being unable to service the loan.


  • Life cover where the benefit is payable to the lender in the event of death of the insured life
  • Total & Permanent Disability cover where the benefit is payable to the lender
  • The benefit payable will be the outstanding loan balance at the time of disability or death

Mortgage protection policy

The policy shall cover the insured against death and/ or permanent total disability. The outstanding mortgage will be paid to the Bank.

Group life

Life cover indemnifies upon death due to illness, accident or natural causes of an assured member.

Keyman Insurance Policy

This is a life policy that compensates an organization on the death of a critical employee or director. It is important for businesses that are run by a proprietor/key directors, where the continuity of the business would be at stake on the death or permanent total disability of the proprietor/director.

Salary protection cover – Kinga Salo

This offers compensation to formally employed individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The product also has a life cover that provides income protection for the individual’s family in the unfortunate event they die.

Education policy

The product is embedded to Toto Bora Account.

The customer will have a desired savings amount after the stated period.


  • Life cover where a lump sum equivalent to the desired savings amount is payable in the event of death of the insured life
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Critical Illness

Assets insurance

a) Home Insurance

This will cover: Private residential dwelling, walls, outbuildings and gates, Contents, Movable items (All Risks), Domestic Servants, Owner's Liability, Occupiers Liability.


  • Alternative accommodation if premises inhabitable following an insured loss
  • Damage to buildings/fixtures in the course of burglary
  • Theft by domestic servants
  • Cost of debris removal
  • Fire brigade
  • Specified business property at home

b) Motor Insurance

Motor insurance generally covers accidental damage to the insured motor vehicle; theft of the vehicle; and third party claims.

c) Fire & Perils

This provides indemnity for loss of and/or damage to buildings and contents resulting from one or a combination of the following causes: Fire; Lightening; Explosion; Earthquake and Landslides; Riots, Strike and malicious damage; Flooding and water damage; Falling/Aerial devices.

d) Burglary

Provides protection against loss of movable items by theft accompanied by violent/forceful entry into or exit from the premises.

e) Among others

  • Goods in transit/ Marine insurance
  • Contractors all risk

Travel Insurance

It provides coverage for unexpected risks and financial losses that can occur before a trip starts and while you are traveling, including cancellations, baggage, medical emergencies, and more. It is purchased for short and long trips; and either domestic or international trips.

It covers: medical expenses, personal accident, Loss of baggage or loss of checked baggage, and/or Flight Cancellation & Curtailment

Accident Covers

Personal accident, Group personal accident, Students personal accident, WIBA

This covers death, disability, medical expenses following an accident, artificial appliances, hospital cash and last expense.

Public Liability

This is indemnity against legal liability to third parties in respect of accidental death, bodily injury and / or illness and / or loss of or damage to property incurred in the course of the Insured’s business.

Professional Indemnity

Provides financial protection (cost of defending claims and any damages payable) in the event that clients suffer financial loss as a result of alleged wrongful or negligent advice, acts or omissions from professionals e.g. Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Accountants, etc.

Cover includes; breach of professional duty, defamation, loss of documents, breach of confidentiality, dishonesty and costs for disciplinary hearings.

This is a risk management offered to protect accounts receivable of business entities from loss due to credit risks such as protracted default, insolvency or bankruptcy.


  • Safer business growth through expansion of new and existing markets
  • Your cash flows are protected with a credit insurance policy as you are protected against bad-debt losses
  • Your business has better borrowing and financing options as it can secure better borrowing terms with the security that credit insurance provides