Jamii Bora Leasing Limited (JBLL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jamii Bora Bank Limited. The company was incorporated in 2015 to undertake direct operating lease business.

Products and Solutions

An operating lease is a contract that allows a lessee to use an asset over a specific period of time in return for periodic payments based on partial payout of the capital cost of the asset. It does not convey the right of ownership of the asset. The product is currently available for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s), Corporates and Institutions. The product is target and movable or immovable assets excluding land or buildings. The facility is subject to a successful credit risk review process and the rentals to be charged will be competitive based on the nature of assets to be leased.

    Product Summary


    • Education Sector: IT Infrastructure, Laptops, school buses etc
    • Health Sector: Provision of diagnostic, lab, dialysis, theatre equipment
    • Retail and Trade Sector: Provision of display, storage and processing equipment, motor vehicles
    • Energy Sector: Provision of equipment for generation of renewable energy e.g. solar equipment
    • Agri Sector: Provision of equipment for processing and production equipment
    Lease Structures


    • Direct Lease: Lease contract that involves identification of the asset from the supplier and on signing of the lease contract, the assets are delivered to you in return for a period payment
    • Sale and Lease Back: Lease contract that involves sale of assets that you have already acquired and which are up to 1 year old from date of purchase to JBLL and then in turn lease the same assets from us at a periodic rental
    • Back to Back Lease: Lease contract entered into mainly with suppliers who in turn enter into lease contracts with identified end customers.
    • Stepped Up and Stepped Down Lease: Lease contract that is structured to have lower rentals at the beginning and which increase over time or a lease contract which is structured with higher rentals at the beginning and which decrease over the lease term.
    Operating Lease Terms


    The facility is subject to a successful credit risk review process and the rentals to be charged will be competitive based on the nature of assets to be leased. To enable us provide you with a competitive quotation, we would require the following information:

    • Nature of assets to be leased (Detailed list)
    • Nature of business to be undertaken using the assets
    • Duration of lease required
    • Value of the assets
    • Name of supplier
    • Mileage to be covered annually if vehicles
    • Expected action at the end of the lease
    Benefits of Operating Lease for acquisition of assets


    1. Cash Flow Benefits:
    2. Taxation Benefits:
    3. Financial Reporting Benefits:
    4. Technological Benefits:
    5. Convenience:
    6. Financial Benefits:


    Key Features of Operating Lease Model offered by JBLL


    • 100% funding as JBLL pays for the full cost of acquisition of the asset.
    • Leases structured based on customer’s cash cycle.
    • Lease may be offered as a packaged through structuring the lease with maintenance and insurance thus one predetermined rental (Wet Lease).
    • Execution of one Master Rental Agreement from the onset to cater for lease of various asset categories under one contract.
    • Leases can be multi-currency based on your income streams.
    • Flexible end of term options i.e. either renewal of the lease, return of the asset with no further obligations or purchase through third parties
    • Provision of a lease line (similar to a loan credit line) that allows ease of asset acquisition when assets are required.
    • Assets procured based on customer requirements.