The Pesa Chap Chap is accessed by dialing *344# on one’s mobile device (Safaricom network only). The JBB App is also available on different app stores and can be downloaded on any smart phone. 

Our Pesa Chap Chap platform allows you to:

  • Check your balance
  •  Get a mini-statement
  • Make an internal funds transfer
  • Transfer of funds to and from M-pesa
  • Change PIN
  • Airtime purchase (Safaricom, Airtel, Yu and Orange)
  • Make payments of utility bills (KPLC, DSTV, Nairobi Water, Access@home, Zuku and Safaricom), and
  • Make payments to select and registered merchants 

Below are a few guidelines on how you can access the services on the Pesa Chap Chap: 

Under this menu item, three services can be accessed. The process flows are as below:

1. Account balance – To check account balance:

Dial *344# > PIN > My Account (1) > Account balance (1) > Flash message showing account balance > input (0) to go back to main menu


2.  Transactions – mini-statement – To get your mini statement:

Dial *344# > PIN > My Account (1) > Transactions (2)> Flash message acknowledging request > Mini-statement SMS sent > flash message acknowledging mini-statement request > input 0 to head back to main menu > Mini-statement SMS showing latest seven transactions.


3. Internal funds transfer – To transfer funds:

Dial *344# > PIN > My Account (1) > Internal funds transfer (3) > Input Account to transfer to > Input Transfer Amount >Select Accept/reject option > flash message acknowledging transfer > input 0 if you wish to go back to main menu > SMS notification of internal funds transfer with reference number. 



You can transfer money from your Jamii Bora Bank account to your M-Pesa account by:

Dial *344# >Pesa Chap Chap PIN > Mobile Money (2)> Select m-pesa (1) > Enter amount > Choose correct account > Accept/reject > Flash message > input 0 if you wish to go back to main menu > M-pesa SMS.

To purchase airtime:

Dial *344# > PIN > Airtime (2) > Select mobile network > Enter amount > Select correct account > Accept/reject > flash message confirming airtime purchase > input 0 if you wish to go back to main menu > get airtime voucher through SMS.


Under this menu item, utility payments can be done. Jamii Bora Bank customers can pay for:

1. KPLC bills
2. DSTV bills
3. Nairobi Water bills
4. Access@Home bills
5. Zuku bills
6. Safaricom bills


Dial *344# >Pesa Chap Chap PIN > Pay Utilities (3) > Select utility company > Enter bill account number > Enter amount> Choose correct account > Accept/reject > input (0) if you wish to go back to main menu.


You can pay pre-registered merchants which will be updated often when partnerships with them have been formed. Pay by:

Dialing *344# > Pesa Chap Chap PIN > Pay Merchant (4) > Enter merchant code > Enter amount > Choose correct account > Accept/reject > input (0) if you wish to go back to main menu.


Under this menu item, customers can change their Pesa Chap Chap PINs. To change your pin:

Dial *344# > PIN > PIN change (6) > Enter Old PIN > Enter new PIN > Confirm new PIN > PIN change confirmation flash message > Input (0) to go back to main menu.



  1. To logout of the mobile banking platform, input 7 > flash message indicating that you have successfully logged off.
  2. When a registered customer forgets their PIN number it is now possible to reset their PINs without necessarily applying a fresh. To facilitate this however, customers are requested to give instructions to the bank to that effect upon filling the Pesa Chap Chap PIN Reset Form.


This is via Jamii Bora Bank’s Pay Bill number with Safaricom 529901

Navigate to Mpesa option in phone > Select Pay Bill menu item > Enter Jamii Bora Bank’s Pay Bill number (529901) > enters his/her full 10 digits account number > OK > SMS from Safaricom acknowledging that funds have been transferred to Jamii Bora Bank account


Some of the charges that apply for the above services are:

Transaction Type Charges
Account balance enquiry 11
Mini account statement 33
Funds transfer – account to account & account to M.Pesa 66
Bill Payment Transactions 55
Airtime Top-Up 10