This is a non-interest bearing checking account, which can be in Kenya Shillings or in any foreign currency. It is designed to provide your institution with convenient access to funds through issuing cheques.


  • Opening balance at Kshs. 5000
  • Minimum operating balance of Kshs. 500
  • Deposits can be via Mobile banking with clear narrations on the account statement
  • Statements are issued upon request
  • Monthly maintenance flat fee at Kshs. 600


  • Personalized service through dedicated relationship management
  • Bulk payments solutions for salary transfers, suppliers, tea dividends etc
  • Convenience of money management
  • Cheque book will be issued upon request
  • Access to a business Overdraft or loans on application
  • Access to JBB Online

This is an account that is purely designed for learning institutions. The institution has unlimited advantages in terms of cost effectiveness compared to other current accounts. Jamii Bora wants to be the partners who want to do business by reducing the cost of transactions charged on this accounts.


  • Opening balance of Kshs. 5,000
  • Over the counter statements will be charged
  • Minimum charge of kshs. 150 on every withdrawal over the counter
  • Negotiated forex rates


  • Nil Monthly charges
  • Relationship management of the account
  • Access to loan facilities
  • Access to Cheque book
  • Access to JBB Online

This Account is designed to assist non-profit organizations to achieve outstanding management of their funds.


  • Minimum opening Balance Kshs. 5,000
  • No Ledger charges
  • Competitive interest rates on fixed deposits


  • Access to JBB Online
  • Preferential exchange rates on FCY transactions
  • Free cash deposits
  • Free in-house cheque clearance /cheque deposit
  • Availability of customized loan products for NGO’s and Religious Bodies

Foreign Currency

  • Minimum opening Balance: USD 25, GBP 25
  • Account maintenance fees USD 5 and GBP 5

This is an affordable transactional account that matches the financial needs.


- Low operating minimum balance of Kshs. 5,000

- Monthly statements upon request

- Kshs. 100 Charge per transaction (Debits and credits only)

- No charge on incoming wire transfers


- Easy to operate

- Interest monthly on the cleared available balance in the account at a rate of 2% p.a

- Access to Cheque book on request

- No opening balance

- No ledger fees

- Access to JBB Online